Thursday, December 20, 2007

Still No Response

Unfortunately, it looks like we won't be getting a fix for the game this year. What's worse, however, is that it doesn't look like we'll be getting any response from Atari this year since their offices are closed all of next week. Since our Atari correspondent, known to us a Ciel, is already on holiday, any word we might get from Atari this year will come directly from the company. With this in mind, many of Atari's community forum members are sending regular messages to Atari Support through their contact form. At this point, we're looking to apply pressure on Atari for a legitimate response by sending a surplus of requests. We are doing what we can, but your assistance would help us.

To help us, please tell Atari of your discontent, and desire for a significant response, through their contact form. Below is my letter to Atari Support, being used by others in the community, which you can use if you would like.

Atari needs to respond to us. If we continue to apply pressure, they will have to do just that at some point. For Atari to leave the product as it is would be understandable for a business, but to say nothing to us is unacceptable. Continue to fight ignorance by spreading word of the game's present state of brokenness.

Above all, stay strong.

Atari Support,

I'm writing in regards to the horrific lag that I, and countless others, am experiencing in the online mode of Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 for the Wii.

You have advised your customers to buy a wired network adapter, blaming the lag on a faulty connection. Though several valid arguments can be made against this prescription, many of your customers tried the wired adapter anyway. However, as suspected, very few customers found any improvement in gameplay. Some customers ran objective speed tests, and found little, if any, improvement in their connection with the wired adapter. First hand experience has shown your so-called solution to be invalid.

If that were not enough, Nintendo has stated time and time again that it has given Atari information on how to fix the game code. Atari has yet to acknowledge this code fault, and gamers are not happy about this. We are not happy being brushed off and treated as ignorant. Our research is strong and proven. We want a true statement from you.

Clearly, it is up to Atari to decide whether or not a patch is developed and released, but Atari is rapidly losing respect by feigning ignorance towards faulty code. Customers are feeling cheated out of their money because of how bad the online component of this game is. Customers are ready to return their games at a loss on principle. Customers are declaring that they won't be buying any more Atari products if this game isn't fixed.

However, these same gamers want to give their allegiance to Atari, and they love this game's potential. These same gamers are ready to bring in multiple other customers to buy the game if it is fixed. There will be a cut into profits if the fix, as Nintendo has given Atari information on, is developed, but there will be many loyal customers brought into the fold. However, if Atari does not develop the fix, Atari will be losing a lot of customers, and will continue to receive anti-hype through the word-of-mouth of disappointed fans.

All the same, most customers are even more angry with Atari's unwillingness to respond and admit fault than the fact Atari is showing little willingness to actually fix the game with the information Nintendo provided. So, until Atari issues a statement announcing that the code is bad, and that Atari is either going to fix the game or leave it, we will continue to write Atari Support and spread word of how broken this product is.

To see our research, arguments, and expectations, view our progress blog:

Looking, with respect, for a response.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work :) I have some hope this will get fixed. I've contacted Atari and Nintendo.

Anonymous said...

I am from Eurpoe and the game is not yet released. ((due out on 25th Jan))

However - am looking forward to it very much. But as I've looked on forums and such the only thing Ive noticed is people complaining about the lag.

I really think they should say if they are going to fix it or if they are going to just leave it alone. It is not fair to keep us in suspence like this.

An online mode in a DBZ game will have attracted MANY people to buying it - and with it being broken it's just wrong.

Shortly I will send messages to Atari and Nintendo.

Keep up the good work! Lets hope they eventualy listen!

Rayden A said...

Why does have so much lag the game when i log online? When i play offline it runs fine, but online you can't play nothing with it! Thanks!