Monday, December 31, 2007

The Waiting Continues

It's New Years Eve for a short while longer. Atari's offices are said to be opening on January 2nd. It'll be two weeks since our last response from Atari or its employees as of that point, but, with any luck, we'll hear from Atari Support or our forum contact, Ciel, then.

There isn't much more that can be said or done at this point, but I wanted to encourage everyone to continue writing Atari Support until we get a response, and I wanted to make sure that it was clear that our efforts continue on in spite of an update here.

Finally, I would like to take a moment to thank a couple of Atari forum members for their contributions to our work, PureCutThroat, exchrystalsword, and gx-nickb. Though Teknoman started this, and I've worked hard to organize efforts and direct communication, the help of these individuals are certainly noteworthy.

Please, continue to make your contributions to our efforts in whatever way that is. Comment here with your experiences, send your letters to Atari Support, and do whatever else you see fitting.

Happy New Years to you all. Here's to hoping that 2008 brings us many no/low-lag DBZ matches.



Haseowolf said...

I think we should have all tried harder on the 2nd, but even I didn't think to read this blog until today. We need to keep showing them that we want a game that was promised to us to be working as it should. So in response, I just want to reiterate that everyone, please, keep e-mailing, calling, even snail mailing if you can. I don't want Burst Limit to be better than BT3 purely for it being a better online experience >.<

Anonymous said...

We have to go through the legal system. Here in spain I'm considering seriously to demand atari for illegal publicity

help is granted

Tommy J said...

So much trouble had done the atari. It is too bad for them to not let them! Pfff:((( Thanks

Rayden A said...

:(((( Too much to wait. But what to say, we can't made them hurry!

john said...

I'll wait until they finish it! Thanks for the update!