Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Customer's Response

I've decided to post a comment written on Atari's forum. Known as chstar, this poster seems to articulate what most owners of the game are thinking. His comment is as follows:
I am in the military, so as such I don't get paid all that much. So I have to pick and choose which games I want to buy carefully. Once I heard this game was online it was a no brainer for me. That being pretty much the only reason I bought this game. As this series is one of my favorite series of all time, but I really didn't want BT3 knowing it wasn't going to have that much improvement. But online made it worth it. Now I honestly feel cheated. And with Atari not providing any kind of answer and just ignoring us, well it really pisses me off.

That said Atari, I love this series I really do. But I will sell this game come Friday if we don't hear some kind of response from you guys. And though it might not mean much, being only one person, hopefully you guys are starting to get some kind of picture of how disappointed some of us are.

This really does seem to be a fair sample of what others, myself among them, are saying. We want a direct response, Atari. You decide what that response is, but we will keep pressing until we get it.



Rayden A said...

Atari....What to say more about them....! Thanks for the news! Cheers!

john said...

They seems to be notorious! I can't believe that they can actually kick the game! Well atari, thanks a lot. You lost a fan!