Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Nintendo's Response on a Possible Patch

I sent Nintendo a message through their support system the other day in hope of finding out whether or not Atari could, technically speaking, release a downloadable patch for DBZ: BT3. I received a reply today. It didn't directly confirm or deny the possibility of such a thing, but, based on Nintendo's wording, I think that it is technically possible for Atari to release a downloadable patch. Here is the actual response:


We appreciate your concern on this issue, but at this time, we have no information on what form a solution may take. As this game was published by Atari and the decision is theirs on how to proceed, I suggest keeping in contact with them for the latest news and announcements.

Nintendo of America Inc.
R.M. Rickets

Nintendo's home page:
Power Line (Automated Product Info): (425) 885-7529

Since Nintendo's wording is "what form a solution may take," I draw two conclusions from this. First of all, this indirectly confirms (again) that a solution is plausible (such as the solution Nintendo gave Atari). But, more importantly, a possible downloadable patch is not denied. If it were not possible to release a downloadable patch, Nintendo would have said so. Since Nintendo didn't declare it impossible for a downloadable patch to be made, it would hold to reason that it is, technically, possible.

I wish that I had more information, or a positive report, to give you, but this is the only word I have for now.



Teknoman said...

Well yeah thats true, if it wasnt possible they'd probably have a direct no answer, automated email or not.

Anonymous said...

Really angry about this. I feel like Atari just took a big dump on us. We spend the money on this game most of us because of online, then it dosent even work correctly....... and rather than being up right and admittign it was on there side, they point the blame at us for a few weeks.

Atomsk said...

You know every other game company out there comes up with decent NEtcode, Why Can't Atari, and why would Nintendo let someone release a game with such bad online? Its hurting their reputaion.

Anonymous said...

That response doesn't say anything. Nintendo just said "this game isn't ours so go ask Atari." There is no implication on what Atari might do because Nintendo could create issues (maybe as far as legal ones) by saying "Atari can't do anything about this." Even if they said Atari could, if they couldn't then they're creating press fallout for Atari since they couldn't live up to a promise made by Nintendo.

john said...

Maybe for the moment they don't have a direct answear and they have a robot machine until someone can see the message! That's my beliefs!